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Hey there, I'm Samuel Earp, a realism artist who loves to paint landscapes, seascapes and more. Whether you are following my art journey, want to learn to paint or improve your painting skills, or collect my art and prints, you'll find it all right here. Welcome and thanks for stopping by.


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Studio Paintings

Check out my store for available studio paintings. All studio paintings have been meticulously created through a design process that involves use of photo reference, pencil sketches to plan the composition as well as colour studies and field sketches.

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Plein Air Paintings

One of my passions is painting outdoors in the field, which is known as painting 'en plein air', a French phrase meaning to paint outside.

Plein air painting allows you to capture the beauty, colour, light and atmosphere of a location. To me plein air painting is like a diary the places I have visited.


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Art Prints

Check out my prints store for a range of affordable prints. New prints are frequently added so be sure to stop by


Learn to Paint

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Follow Samuel on YouTube

Samuel teaches you how to paint landscapes in a realism style as he continues his art journey. Whether you're a beginner or an artist looking to improve your painting skills, this channel is for you.

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Painting Tutorials

Check out my step by step written painting tutorials many of which accompany my YouTube videos. Improve your painting skills and feel free to copy the paintings and use the photo reference provided.



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